This Eternal Struggle

This Eternal Struggle 

Heritage walked through the hearts of man, tugging and pulling, pleading for attention. All most always accompanied by she who wrecks havoc on all – Religion. 

Together they guided the world and instructed man in all  illogical obligations. So strong was their grasp that even an uttered whisper would lead all into deeper chaos.
Many a time Reason and Progression would step into their world and try to break through into thought. But for every mind that was won by them, two would fall deeper, and rage would spread a little further. 
On his own Heritage was quite harmless, merely finding a place for man to place his past and give it sentiment and perspective. 
Oh! But she grabbed hold of Heritage as she grabbed hold of man and she lead him away from his old ways into places where she, Religion, twisted and turned the world, bending it out of shape entirely. 
Progression and Reason fought for sway spreading enlightenment and planting forward thinking wherever they could. 
And so a battle raged on and victories were swapped between all. Years were lead by a side while the other looked on but the scales kept on tipping this way and that. 
Would this battle ever end? Would man find a way to let go of his past? Or his beliefs? Or maybe his future? 
Lives were lost, minds were won but the fight carries on to no conclusion. 
Only hope stays alive waiting for man to tire of this eternal struggle, for a new path to be taken by one and all.  
And peace, she’s here, she is waiting. 



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Girl who loves TV shows, football.
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